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Titan Eye+

During my visit to Nethradhama, I was told that I need not wear any glasses. I showed them the glasses that I used. After examining the glasses, I was told that I need not wear them, and I can use them if I want to, although not mandatory.

But my wife needed a new pair of glasses after the test since her eye power had changed. She is the kind of girl who likes to wear designer stuff, and so I decided to give Titan Eye+ a try.


The store I went to was well organized, clean and the staff were attentive. One sales guy greeted us as soon as we entered the store and started to make suggestions. After various tries by my wife on different frames, we decided to get an dark-black colored frame. The best part is that the frame comes with 3 different pairs of replacement temples in different colors. The sales guy showed us the frames from many costly brands, and some decent priced frames too. Overall they have frames in all price range.

I was in need of a pair of sunglasses for myself since I lost my Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses last month in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand during my honeymoon. The sales guy told that if I get Fastrack sunglasses, I can get 10% off on the spectacles I purchased for my wife. Overall I felt like a nice deal and bought myself a nice pair of Fastrack polaroid sunglasses with UV protection. Fastrack sunglasses were being sold with huge discount of 20 to 30%. I was lucky to get a 30% discount on my sunglasses and 10% on my wife’s glasses.

The sales guy took us to a room and detailed about the advantages of fiber glasses over plastic ones. He also explained in-depth about 6 layers of protective coating that would be done on the glasses at extra cost. The glasses with 6 layers of coating costed about 2.2k, and I decided to get it since it would be a one-time charge, and there is no point in saving money in health related matters.

The total damage on my pocket was around 5.5k for my wife’s spectacles after discount, and around 2.1 for the Fastrack sunglasses. So for 7.6k, I managed to get a pair of sunglasses for myself and spectacles for my wife.


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