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Android ban in India

Saw a news article in IBNLive website that there is a chance of Android getting banned in India. Here is the link to the article:

The literal translation says: “Phones developed on Android platform are not good for children”. I wonder why there has been a sudden change in stance. The same person had earlier recommended Aakash tablets, and that again is based on Android ( The articke says that the biggest impact of this would be on companies like Samsung, and local companies like Micromax too to some extent.

But I really feel that this won’t impact the big players to a large extent. Yes, the large players like Samsung and LG might have a huge share in the Indian market, but most of their profits would be from developed countries, mainly from US, countries of Europe, Russia, South Korea, and Japan. Even if Android does get banned, these large players have enough potential to come out with innovative devices on their own platform. Samsung might roll out new devices based on Bada, which made quite an impact couple of years back. Also they can launch phones based on Windows Mobile. The options are many.

I wonder what else might get banned in India – TV, laptop, internet, e-commerce. I hope this minister reconsiders his stance. In the long run such a decision would definitely affect the Indian economy, which is not doing so good now with Rupee going down day-by-day for every dollar.


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