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The Last Castle : A Review

Just finished watching this movie. Not such a great movie, to be honest. The storyline goes like this: An army officer gets fired from his position for having ignored his superiors orders, and in doing so, gets his men killed. Hence he’s sent to a max-security prison.

Here he finds that the prisoners are ill-treated, and starts an uprising by building an army of prisoners. Finally he succeeds in his mission.

The movie has a lot of goof-ups. First of all, none of the prisoners bully this General when he’s brought there. Everyone calls him as either ‘Sir’ or ‘General’, which can happen only in the fantasy world. And two, all the prisoners listen to whatever this guy says to him, as though they worship him.


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Om Shanti Om & Saawariya

The last few months of 2007 have produced quite a large number of bollywood movies. Saawariya and Om  Shanti Om were released on the same day. YUCK!!!!! SUCH HORRIBLE MOVIES. Still people die to watch these  movies. Om Shanti Om being a SRK starrer and directed by Farah Khan sucks as usual. Good for nothing  movie. Horrible story line, no reality, terrible music, stupid dance……Uff….Wonder how people keep  up with such stupid movies.
The other movie, Saawariya has two newbies as stars in the movie. Both the movies have the theme of being  shot 20 to 30 years back. This makes the movie much more boring. Wonder why people like the Dard-e-disco  song. Sucks big time.
On the contrary, Taare Zameen Par is doing so well, and is so full of reality. The last movie acted by  SRK and which is worth remembering for me is Swades, and Chak De to some extent. All his other movies are  full of crap. Just a waste of time and money watching them.

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Taare Zameen Par

There are some movies that are good, and there are some that are GREAT. Taare Zameen Par is really a great movie. I’ve seen so many movies lately, and have been very disappointed with the content. There are not many good movies on air to watch. I had no intention to watch this movie soon enough. I thought about giving this movie a try, since there was not much work to do in the office that day. Also it was the day before christmas. There were so many people in the queue to get the movie ticket, since it was the holiday time. By the time I got my ticket, there were only three seats vacant!!!!

The small boy in the movie looks much like bugs bunny. Reminds me of all the mischief I used to do in my childhood days. I’m really surprised to see Amir play a second fiddle to the small boy in the movie. Having said that, his entry into the scene comes at just the right time. It was really worth spending three hours watching this movie. This is one movie I’ll remember for quite a long time. Will be waiting for the next Amir-directed movie. Adios.

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