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Ugly face of racism

Just heard in the news that Harbhajan has been fined for throwing some racist comments towards Symonds. This is really getting overboard. Slogging is acceptable in cricket as long as it doesn’t include any personal or racist comments. Sreesanth made a few headlines last time when Aussies toured India last time. Looks like Bhajji is continuing Sree’s leftover work!!!!


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Please retire

I really wish that the seniors in the Indian team retire. Yes I’m talking about the big three. Sachin, Saurav and Dravid don’t have much in them to offer anything now. One would argue that Sachin is in great touch now and looks to be in sublime form. Agreed. But what about the future of the Indian cricket?

When will the other members get a chance? When will Rohit Sharma be able to show what he’s capable of? When can Gambhir really prove to the world that he’s another Saurav in the making? When will people start to accept that Uthappa is probably a much more dangerous player than what Sehwag was? All this is possible only when they are given a chance.

All these players proved their might in the Twenty-20 cup. It’s true that Twenty-20 is altogether a different ball game, and batting in fifty overs is completely different. But the fact is that the big three can’t carry on like this, without contributing much. Sachin looks to be in great form today, and I believe that the Indian team should use his services for now. But it’s high time that India look upto Gambhir as a substitute for Ganguly, and Rohit Sharma or Robin Uthappa as a substitute for Dravid.

There’s a vacancy in the Indian team for a good spinner. I hope that Piyush Chawla takes up this place. Harbhajan looks as though he’s in another world just now, and Ramesh Powar seems to be getting fatter by the day. Chawla should be given more opportunities. This lad can be a really good all-rounder, if used properly.

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Juniors sparkle

I was really surprised to see the Indian cricket team drop Robin Uthappa for the first ODI against Australia. Uthappa has been such an excellent performer in the Indian team. There was really no point in dropping for the first ODI.

He had fared well in England. I remember an instance when he was asked to bat down the order at No.6 or 7, and still he managed to bat well at that position and India won that match. Right after that match, India went into the Twenty-20, and he performed there too.

I can’t forget the way he hooked the deliveries bowled towards the off-side for a six during the Twenty-20 cup, or the Brett Lee bouncer that he hit for a six over the bowler’s head during the second ODI in Kochi.

It looks like Ganguly will be there in the ODI tomorrow. I really hope that the Indians don’t do the same mistake again by dropping Uthappa, and favoring Ganguly. Indians looked to be in a winning position when Uthappa was there batting against Australia. They soon lost momentum once he got out. This shows how destructive this player can be. I would certainly play Uthappa instead of Ganguly if I were the captain.

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World champs lose to world champs

It’s true what a great cricketer once said – “Indians always manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”

How true did this turn out to be in the second ODI between India and Australia. India again had the Aussies in trouble just like the first ODI, after the initial batsmen fell early. But Hayden played really well and got the Aussies out of trouble. I really believe that Aussies are the world champions in the 50-50 format. There is no team that can match up to the might of Aussies, barring South Africa to a few extent. Even SA have to play out of their skins to beat Aussies.

I feel that the remainder of the one-day series will go on the same way as the second ODI. Aussies are the real 50-50 format champs and Indians the Twenty-20 format champs.

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Too much hype about Twenty-20 win

I came home late yesterday evening and switched on the TV. Almost all the news channels were showing the Indian team’s procession in Mumbai. What the heck is wrong with the media? Our hockey team deserves such celebration too. After all they too are doing our country proud. Aren’t they? Then why such discrimination?

It’s time for people to show interest in other sports like hockey and football. These players deserve the kind of recognition the cricket players get. I got to know from the news that there was a traffic jam in the city just because of the procession. Even old people were down on the streets dancing like five-year old kids. Phew!!!! The heights people go to…..

Credit should be given where it is due. Of course the Indian team has done a real good job till now. The real test awaits this weekend when the Aussies come to India. Let’s see if this team can take advantage of the momentum they have with them. Something tells me that this is not going to happen. Anyway let’s wait and see.

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