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Gastroenterologist in Bangalore

My wife was recently diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. I visited quite a number of doctors, and the experience with majority of them was pretty average.

At first, I visited Columbia Asia near Hebbal. Her condition was identified as “Acute gastroenteritis” after blood report and abdomen and pelvis scan. She was given couple of injections which gave her some relief for the moment. But the stomach problems continued on the immediate next day. After this i visited a family doctor nearby. She gave similar medicine, but after 4-5 days, she asked us to go and get checked with a specialist.

Then I had to admit my wife to Rangodore Hospital after consultation with Mr. Parvesh Kumar Jain. He was able to identify the problem immediately and asked her to get admitted. She had to stay in the hospital for 3 nights, and her situation has improved a lot now.

I highly recommend Mr. Parvesh Kumar Jain. He was able to diagnose and solve what the other two doctors couldn’t. For any further gastro issues, Mr. Parvesh would definitely be my first choice.


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  1. I am facing a similar condition and got admitted to Rangadore Hospital under the care of Parvesh Kumar Jain three days back. He put me on a series of injections. Pain subsided when the effect of injections were there but came back after it waned away. When CT and MRI were normal he advised discharge tomorrow without actually diagnosing whats wrong. Even when I said that I have very severe pain, he said he will give me pain killers and it will go. I am extremely disappointed with him and do not recommend him to anybody.

    Comment by rama | 30/07/2015 | Reply

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