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I got my eyes checked couple of weeks back at Nethradhama. Check out It is their official website.

Every visitor on registration gets a booklet similar to this:


I went on a weekend and there were no slots for appointment. However the assistant managed to get two slots (for me and my wife).

Overall I felt that it is a pretty innovative concept. Eye care has always got less attention in Bangalore. And the eye care clinics present used to charge hefty amounts for regular checkup. The pricing in nethradhama is pretty reasonable. The aam-aadmi can easily go and get a check-up done with minimal expenditure.

For me, the only irritating part is when they put some drops into the eye and we have to wait few minutes till the eye clears up before the actual check-up. Luckily I did not need any eye drops, but my wife had to ake these drops and keep her eyes closed for about half an hour. Lucky me šŸ™‚

I was prescribed some lubricating eye drops by name “Glytears”. I used it only a couple of times, and couldn’t notice any difference with these drops.


So overall for just 500 bucks, I got the eye check-up done for me and my wife. It is not just the cost that matters, but the quality. I personally felt that the quality at Nethradhama is top notch.


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