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Nexus 4 review

I’ve been using Nexus 4 for almost 2-3 weeks now, and explored almost all of its features. Prior to Nexus 4, I have used HTC Sensation, HTC Desire HD, HTC Wildfire, and I can easily compare the difference in hardware, software, ease of use, and UI between Nexus 4 and other HTC devices I have used before.

I paid INR 26,000 for my Nexus 4. I ordered the device from Flipkart and it was delivered in 2 days flat. Hats off to Flipkart’s quick delivery service. Before ordering Nexus 4, I thought about buying a Micromax Canvas HD since the specs of this phone are pretty awesome for a device worth INR 12,000. But then my wife has used a Micromax phone for some time, and she has always complained of the low in-call volume on this device, even when the in-call volume is pushed up all the way. I did order the Micromax Canvas HD initially along the screen protector. But then sense prevailed. I cancelled the order since I felt that I’m walking down an unfamiliar territory with Micromax, and I felt that it is better to stick with reputed brands. I had never had any experience with LG phones before, but then being a major player, I felt they are dependable. I ordered a Nexus 4 in black color the day after cancelling the order for Micromax Canvas HD.


Till date I have faced few problems with Nexus 4. Here they are:
1) I use my Android smartphone with my Nokia BH-216 bluetooth headset while driving. This helps me keep my eye on the road while driving the car. Nexus 4 does pair quickly with the BT headset, but many times the audio kept playing in the phone speaker instead of the BT headset. This is very annoying since I had to use the phone while driving to inform the other person that I had to disconnect the call due to problem in my handset.

2) Sometimes the bluetooth button never goes to ‘ON’ state even when you make it ‘ON’. Tried it multiple times and it was the same result. On Googling, I realized that this problem was faced by multiple users, and a reboot is the oly available solution for the time being.

Regarding problem 1, I contacted LG customer care and was directed to visit the nearest LG customer service center. The device was flashed with a new firmware, and problem 1 went away for a few days. But it recently surfaced couple of days back. I had to restart my phone, and afterwards the problem has never occured again. When I’m paying 26,000 INR (~450 USD), I expect a much much better device than this. My HTC Sensation was so much better even though it was a older generation phone. I never faced any of these problems.

Come on, LG and Google, is this the best you could do? Being a Nexus device, I expected much more from it! I’m totally disappointed with this device, and I’ll sell it as soon as the price of Galaxy S4 reduces after a few months. I’ll sell my Nexus 4 and get myself a S4 or Note 2. I really feel I made a mistake by buying a LG handset. This’ll be the last LG handset that I’m going to buy.

Update on 23rd July 2013: Issue (1) cropped up again today when I connected by BT headset. Had to restart my device 4 times for the audio to route to BT headset again. That’s it. No more LG devices from now on. I’ll buy Samsung phones, they are much more reliable.


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