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ICICI BSDA account

Received mail from ICICI couple of weeks back about the option to open a BSDA account. BSDA stands for Basic Services Demat Account.

There are two schemes under this BSDA account. In the first scheme, the customer will not be charged any AMC if the demat holding is between Rs 0 and Rs 50,000.

In the second scheme, the customer will be chanrged Rs 100 as AMC if the demat holding is between Rs 50,001 and Rs 2,00,000.

For those who fall under any of these two schemes, I suggest to opt for this BSDA account immediately and save some money.


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IT proof submission

Just finished submitting my IT (Income Tax) details to some tax consultant. My employer has been kind enough to arrange for a tax consultant to visit our office to help us file our IT reurns for the assessment year 2013-14. This guy has charged just a nominal amount of 150 bucks for filing two Form 16. He charges just 110 bucks for filing a single Form 16.

You can save this amount by submitting the IT form yourself online in The process is simple and easy, and any layman can easily do it. However I couldn’t make use of this site since I had to submit medical bills worth bore than 5000 bucks. I wish there was a way to submit these bills to IT department ourselves and file the IT on our own. Yes, we can file the IT sheet on our own in case there are no bills to be submitted to IT department for exemption. But what if bills need to be submitted? Is going through the CA guys only way? Is there no easy option?

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Waze joins Google

This was bound to happen and I always wandered why no big player is showing any interest in Waze. But then few days back I saw this news:

For those who are not aware of what Waze is, in layman terms, Waze is a navigation app that helps to reach you from source to destination. The navigation takes into consideration multiple factors like current traffic scenario, availability of toll roads, highways, shortest/fastest route, and many such parameters. In my opinion, what makes Waze really stand out from other apps is its ability of social integration. Users can report current traffic conditions, hazards, accidents, and police traps from the app, and this would help other users, and Waze does use these reports for calculating the optimal route. Also the users can edit the map from the browser and the updates are pushed to the server regularly.

With Waze joining Google, I hope Google Maps becomes more social. Google Maps is a bit social in the way that users can send bug reports, and they are corrected in a quick time. But I hope Google integrates the much needed features like reporting police traps, hazards and other reports from other users into their maps.

Also another feature that I really miss in any navigation app is the absence of traffic light indicators. Including this shouldn’t be much of a problem, and yet I haven’t seen any app include this in India. I have used Waze, Google Maps and Navigation, and Sygic and all these miss this feature.

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