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Ban tobacco in India

Why doesn’t the Indian government ban tobacco totally? Is it really that hard?

It is a known fact that tobacco leads to a hell lot of health irregularities like heart attack and cancer. No way it is going to help anyone, except maybe those who are involved in tobacco farming who will be reaping huge profits.

Banning tobacco might affect the income of tobacco farmers, distributors and petty shop owners. But the government should take this risk and ban tobacco totally. It would even help us keep the city clean of tobacco product covers which are thrown around by people. It is really not hard to implement the ban. It just requires strong will and dedication by the people involved in law making. And yes, it will affect the votes for the ruling party in the forthcoming elections. Probably this is what prevents the government from making this a reality! Or am I wrong?


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Traffic violation fee increase in Bangalore

Today morning I heard on a local FM channel that the traffic police department in Bangalore has decided to increase the fine for traffic violations by 5 times.

This is definitely a very good improvement. A wrong parking violation earlier attracted a fine of 100 bucks. Now people will have to shell out 500 bucks for the same violation.

I believe this will make drivers more cautious on roads and follow traffic rules in a better way than they were doing before. A person wouldn’t mind much paying 100 bucks, but would think twice before violating a rule when he knows that he has to cough up 500 bucks. Now parking of vehicles at non-parking zones and signal jumps might reduce a great deal.

However I believe that the traffic cops should actively track and fine arrogant and negligent drivers who keep changing lanes often. Not only do these drivers put their lives at risk, but they endanger other lives too. At the same time proper lanes have to be marked on the roads and the roads cleared of debris. Otherwise enforcing strict no-lane-change policy might not work.

For the betterment of the country, the traffic police department should start a whistle-blower policy, where individuals can report traffic violations with valid proof (a camera snap?). I appreciate the Bangalore Traffic Police team using a FB page that works almost on the same lines, but people who complain would like to be anonymous for safety reasons.

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How to complain against Auto drivers for refusal / over-charging?

Note: This is valid only for Bangalore location.

I really wonder if any action will be taken against errant auto drivers. Until the traffic department shows some proof of action taken against the errant drivers, I’m sure many wouldn’t bother complaining.

Source: Bangalore Traffic Police on FB

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