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Income levels in India

The income levels of Indian employees are quite low compared to our western counterparts. This is a well known fact. But is the low pay really justified?

The average pay of an Indian IT engineer is around 20k INR. This translates to roughly around 400 USD. Any westerner would be getting in excess of 2k to 2.5k USD per month as his take-home income after tax deductions. One might argue that the low pay is justified taking into consideration the standard of living in India.

India is a developing country and has one of the highest inflation rates. To maintain a above-decent standard of living in these times at a salary of 20k is un-imaginable. One might not be able to save his income for his future.

No wonder Indians prefer to go abroad and make some quick bucks. As the saying goes, “What really matters at the end of the day is your bank balance”.

I really appreciate the outcome of the 6th pay commission. Government employees are having a better pay scale now compared to their earlier pay scale. What this essentially means is that even the Government employees might now think about going to that posh restaurant on a weekend, which they were afraid to do before. A family trip to nearby Singapore or Hong Kong is possible. Admitting the children to top schools is now possible. One area where this will really help is for the students who need to make a career choice. Now engineering and medicine are not the only high-income earning streams. This has opened up new avenues for employee seekers.

I hope the Indian Government continues to revise the pay scale of Government employees at regular intervals considering the inflation rate and improved standard of living. Our lifestyle and standard of living has not yet reached the same level as that of the westerners. But some sections of the society have had a major overhaul in their way of life, and as a citizen I welcome this change.


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“The Ugly Indians” group

Saw a video in yesterday about few employees of Netapp Bangalore taking the initiative to clean up the dirty footpath outside their office. Got to know about “The Ugly Indians” group after seeing this video:

This is really a very nice initiative by the citizens. One thing is clear: You cannot count on the Government to provide the basic infrastructure that we deserve. Sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone to get what we need. And this is particularly true in a country like India where almost every person is aware of the corruption issue.

I have decided to do my bit and will contribute in whatever way possible toward the cause.

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