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Subway in South Korea

Public transportation system in South Korea is very well organized. However the ease of convenience doesn’t feel as good compared to the public transport system in Germany.

Having used the S-Bahn in Germany, I expected similar kind of system in Korea too. The subway trains are on schedule most of the times. But the real turn-off is the fact that there is no subway map shown in most of the stations. The S-Bahn system was very convenient to use mainly dude to the availability of the S-Bahn map in almost all of the stations, and the demarcation of various places into zones. The English version of the subway map of Seoul can be found in:

Advance planning is required if you intend to use the subway since you won’t have the map in the subway stations. You can get a hard-copy of the subway map in the tourist information centers for free. Folks from Suwon can make use of the tourist information center just next to the subway station on the outside. It is located just right to the station.

A copy of the subway map is available on almost all of the mobiles here. But the irony is that all these maps have station names in Korean language, which makes it difficult to use for outsiders.


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