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The Last Castle : A Review

Just finished watching this movie. Not such a great movie, to be honest. The storyline goes like this: An army officer gets fired from his position for having ignored his superiors orders, and in doing so, gets his men killed. Hence he’s sent to a max-security prison.

Here he finds that the prisoners are ill-treated, and starts an uprising by building an army of prisoners. Finally he succeeds in his mission.

The movie has a lot of goof-ups. First of all, none of the prisoners bully this General when he’s brought there. Everyone calls him as either ‘Sir’ or ‘General’, which can happen only in the fantasy world. And two, all the prisoners listen to whatever this guy says to him, as though they worship him.


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New browser from Google – Chrome

Google has come out with a new browser – Google Chrome. Click here to go to the download page.

Finished the installation just a few minutes back. One feature that really stands out is that the browser occupies a major part of the screen. This means that you’ll be able to see more content at a stretch when compared to other browsers.

The installation was plain easy. It did a good job by importing all the bookmarks from Firefox. Even the bookmarks on the toolbar were imported, which is a welcome addition. Also the stored passwords in Firefox seemed to work in Chrome.

Another interesting feature is that you can create shortcuts to your favourite pages on to the desktop, Start menu or QuickLaunch bar (titled ‘Google Gears’). I personally won’t be using this feature, ‘coz there’s no point in cluttering your desktop with shortcuts to web pages when you can directly open them from the Bookmarks tab in the browser.

There’s an option for safe browsing, called ‘Incognito’. This launches a new window. Looks like this feature has been copied directly from Safari’s stealth mode. This keeps no trace of your browsing history or offline saved data. This can be really helpful in cyber cafes.

However this App is still in its Beta version. Looks like IE has got another major competitor here. Goodbye IE.

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