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Tata’s 1 lakh car

The news about TATA about to release the Rs. 1 lakh car is getting stronger day by day. This car will be out in the market in mid 2008. There is no car in the world right now that is as cheap as this car. The car is labelled NANO
The car features miniscule features, with no advanced features like ABS, MP3 player, radio, navigation system. The car is reported to have survived the side-crash and frontal-crash tests. According to the TATAs, the car has passed all the tests that a car need to pass in order to be released in the market. Also it is reported to be compliant with EURO IV emission standards.
In my opinion, this’ll revolutionize the way middle class and lower-middle class people see the automobile industry. A lot number of people will be able to afford such a low cost car. The running cost is also expected to be less, with the on-road mileage being close to 22 or 23 kmpl. Not bad at all for a four wheeler. The car being a four-seater, will suit the modern Indian family well. More and more people will be able to purchase this car. TATA’s superior service and wide-spread service outlets are always an added advantage. Looks wise, the car is not quite that bad looking. Conisdering the fact that this car will be sold for 1 lakh, this car is really worth every penny. However it would have been really great if the TATAs roll out an LPG version or the one driven by fuel cells. Even an electricity driven model would have been great, considering the fact that the most famous electric car in India, Reva, costs close to 3 lakh, and an average to good bike costs around 50 to 60k!!!


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  1. Thsi is incrediable news to INDIAN middle income group. Their dream of four wheeler will be fulfilled by TATA .When you have announced the car for One lakh , middle income group are awaiting to see at your show rooms as early as possible.But it costs to a customer on road 1.26 lakhs .But for middle class people Rs.26,ooo is to higer anmount. To catch 70% of miidle class people the car price should be exactly ONE LAKH on road.The compititors will have to think to introduce the same type of car .With Regards B.V.K.K.S.P.raju Middle Income Group

    Comment by B.V.K.K.S.P.RAJU | 11/01/2008 | Reply

  2. The “people’s car” is a wonderful example of India’s mid-20st Century mindset and its squandered chance at 21st Century development. My short essay on this, India Going Nowhere Fast, can be read at


    Comment by mbjesq | 13/01/2008 | Reply

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