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How to avoid frequent broadband disconnections for those using ADSL routers

This tutorial is for those who are on broadband using ADSL modems/routers. If your connection gets sluggish if you remain connected for a very long time, you’ll definitely benefit by this small trick I’ll be explaining here.

Many BSNL Dataone subscribers face a strange problem. The connection gets sluggish, i.e., either the connection drops, or the connection looks to be intact, but none of the websites open and the downloads stop in the middle. This is a really worrying problem because BSNL Home500 users get free downloads only from 2 to 8 in the morning. This problem is quite common with ADSL users. To get over this problem, try this:
* Open notepad
* Type “ping” without the quotes
* Save the file. While saving, make sure that you select “All Files” under “Save as Type”. Give any name to the file, and add a ‘.bat’ extension. You’ve just created a batch file, that keeps pinging the Yahoo! server. Just change the site name to ping your favorite site.
* Use the Windows Task Scheduler to run this task at a preferred time. This’ll keep your ADSL connection active throughout the session.


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  1. Is there anyway to avoid disconnection if ur adsl link goes off and on.

    Comment by rajat | 08/01/2008 | Reply

  2. In that case, it’s a problem with your line. Get it checked.

    Comment by youthmasala | 08/01/2008 | Reply

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