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Om Shanti Om & Saawariya

The last few months of 2007 have produced quite a large number of bollywood movies. Saawariya and Om  Shanti Om were released on the same day. YUCK!!!!! SUCH HORRIBLE MOVIES. Still people die to watch these  movies. Om Shanti Om being a SRK starrer and directed by Farah Khan sucks as usual. Good for nothing  movie. Horrible story line, no reality, terrible music, stupid dance……Uff….Wonder how people keep  up with such stupid movies.
The other movie, Saawariya has two newbies as stars in the movie. Both the movies have the theme of being  shot 20 to 30 years back. This makes the movie much more boring. Wonder why people like the Dard-e-disco  song. Sucks big time.
On the contrary, Taare Zameen Par is doing so well, and is so full of reality. The last movie acted by  SRK and which is worth remembering for me is Swades, and Chak De to some extent. All his other movies are  full of crap. Just a waste of time and money watching them.

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