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K-Lite Codec pack : Tips and tricks

K-Lite codec pack is undoubtedly the best codec pack for playing video and audio files in any format. Here are a few tips and tricks:

It’s normal to see the black horizontal bar at the top and bottom of the screen when watching a movie. This can be quite irritating sometimes, especially if you have a small monitor. Fortunately, K-Lite codec pack has an option called “Pan & Scan”. What this basically means is that you can expand and shrink the video files you are playing. This is quite handy for those people who have small monitors. To use this monitor, play the video in full-screen mode. Then keep pressing the key 9 after activating the NumLock. This expands the screen size of the video file being played. To shrink the video, press 2.

This software also has a feature that boosts the audio volume. To use this, go to view->options. Select Audio Switchers under Internal Filters. Tick ‘Normalize’ and ‘Regain Volume’ and set the ‘Boost’ scroll bar to max. Now get ready to rock n roll. You’ll now get the best audio output, no matter what kind of speakers you have.



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  1. I see, its quite useful.

    Comment by Stronghold Crusader Extreme | 24/03/2008 | Reply

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