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Why I hate IPod???

I wonder why so many people go GA-GA over IPods. It’s nothing more than an audio player with some good extensions. “It comes with a huge hard-disk space and supports many different audio formats, and blah-blah-blah…..” is what the IPod users have to say about it.

If one really wants to listen to good music, why can’t he/she use his PC or home-theater system? Whenever I ask this question to people, they come up with the same lame excuse – “I travel a lot. I don’t have time, or the patience to sit at home and listen to music all day long!!!!”.

Consider the life-style of a typical teenager. He/she might spend a max of 1.5 to 2 hours per day to travel between home and office. Even I spend about 2 hours per day to travel between home and office. I have chosen other better alternatives to IPod. I normally use MP3 players, or better still, my mobile itself. If I use my mobile or a tiny MP3 player, I don’t need to carry a pouch, which I had to use if I was using an IPod. This would definitely relieve me from some serious extra baggage J Moreover I can listen to a max of 20 songs in that time. Even a normal MP3 player has a hard disk space of 2 to 4 GB nowadays. And 2GB cards are common with almost the music-edition phones nowadays. Moreover these MP3 players are a lot cheaper than the IPods. Even a 4GB IPod Nano costs around 7k!!!

I’ll never ever buy an IPod in my life. Now a new version of IPod is out – Ipod Video, which can play video files. Honestly, who would like to play movies on such a small device. I would rather prefer to watch them on my PC or TV.


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  1. I have often wondered that same question. If there is one thing that people do, it is that they buy what they already know. So many people have iPods, and know no different that they will buy them again (when they go out after only a year or so). If there was a new MP3 player on the market that did everything that the iPod did and more, and the company gave the people money to take them, people would still buy iPods.

    Comment by alphaleader1991 | 17/11/2007 | Reply

  2. I completely agree with you. Guess this is where the so-called famous term BRAND NAME comes into picture. People will buy IPods or Iphones, no matter even if there are other better performing products out there in the market.

    Comment by youthmasala | 17/11/2007 | Reply

  3. I’ve watched movies on my mobile phone and whilst the screen is small, it’s great when I have to wait for appointments etc. I have several SD Cards for my mobile, with movies, music or EBooks on them. They fit nicely in my handbag and I can listen to or watch what I want.

    I’m not convinced on an IPod either.

    I personally use the Cucusoft product to make IPod and PSP movies ( and it works brilliantly.

    Great post, thanks for sharing the information.

    Charly or my blog

    Comment by Charly | 28/12/2007 | Reply

  4. Really, I didn’t even read the post above fully. Yeah. I just really want somewhere to dump my iPod complaints. Here they are.

    I have owned, in the past 4 years, twice as many iPods. From the original old ones to the minis and then the three generations of Nanos. I’ve had them all. Three of them were stolen, which isn’t really a reason to hate them, but I’ll list it anyway.

    What happened to the other 5? They broke. No, not fell-down-the-stairs or even off-the-table broke. They froze, or corrupted, or the lock got stuck on. I have resorted to shoving a took pick in one in a pathetic attempt to suck some little bit of life out of it. (Don’t ask how that worked, it did for about three days.) They do not come with chargers either, small complaint, but valid.

    As I write this, I am restoring (AKA Wiping all settings, songs, and videos from my iPod and reloading them all on) my iPod Nano. The reason? “Unknown Error 69”. According to the iTunes help site, I should try to catch which file it loads on just before the error pops up and delete it. Which is silly because the songs are off a legit CD. Anyway. It has great graphics (postage-stamp sized movies are wonderful) and is portable.

    …There’s my iPod review. Now that I’m an expert, if you have any questions about getting an iPod, feel free to ask.

    Comment by JMP | 02/01/2008 | Reply

  5. And needless to say, this will be the last iPod.

    Comment by JMP | 02/01/2008 | Reply

  6. My wife and I own 5 iPods. 2 fourth gen grey screens, 1 fourth gen color, a first gen nano and a video iPod. Yes, we upgraded every so often (not as much as Apple would like, of course), and weighed wants vs. needs as needed. All of them still work, and very well I might add. Even the earliest one still can hold much of its original charge capacity; I made sure to re-condition the battery once in a while. None of them have broken, even under rigorous use. I guess we’re just lucky, considering I read many complaints about how fragile they can be.

    The only other complaint that I hear that is valid to me (and why some people wont buy an iPod) is the lack of a tuner. I admit that, for some, it’s a letdown. If I really wanted a tuner that bad, I would have just gotten a external tuner connection for it. However, I don’t even listen to the radio anymore due to all the top 40 crap the companies shove down or collective throats.

    Of course, we’re looking at the iPhone as the next big purchase. After test-driving the ones other people have, I’m sold on it. 🙂

    Comment by Chris W. | 12/06/2008 | Reply

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