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Watch movies in Paintbrush !!!! Weird yet true

Today I found out a strange fact…..It’s possible to watch movies and any video file in Microsoft Paintbrush.

To do this, just open any video file from your favorite player, then press the ‘Print Screen’ button on the keyboard. Now open Paintbrush and paste this screenshot. You’ll now see a motion picture. Isn’t this amazing???

You can even save this file anywhere in your file system. Just save the paintbrush file on desktop. Now open that file and you’ll see the video being played right on your desktop. No need of a video player!!!

I went on to research about this, and found out that the software was designed such that it won’t be possible for anyone to capture a screenshot of a video easily. However it’s possible to take a screenshot of the video file being played by using the VLC player.


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K-Lite Codec pack : Tips and tricks

K-Lite codec pack is undoubtedly the best codec pack for playing video and audio files in any format. Here are a few tips and tricks:

It’s normal to see the black horizontal bar at the top and bottom of the screen when watching a movie. This can be quite irritating sometimes, especially if you have a small monitor. Fortunately, K-Lite codec pack has an option called “Pan & Scan”. What this basically means is that you can expand and shrink the video files you are playing. This is quite handy for those people who have small monitors. To use this monitor, play the video in full-screen mode. Then keep pressing the key 9 after activating the NumLock. This expands the screen size of the video file being played. To shrink the video, press 2.

This software also has a feature that boosts the audio volume. To use this, go to view->options. Select Audio Switchers under Internal Filters. Tick ‘Normalize’ and ‘Regain Volume’ and set the ‘Boost’ scroll bar to max. Now get ready to rock n roll. You’ll now get the best audio output, no matter what kind of speakers you have.


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Empire Earth III is out !!!

I started playing civilization building games when I was 17. After 4 years, I still continue to play them. I started out with Caesar III. I played this game for about an year, then felt bored of it. Later I shifted to civilization. I felt this also to be boring. Then I started out with Empire Earth, and I play this game even now when I find some time. I tried out Empire Earth 2 also. But I found the game-play of the first version to be more satisfying.

The third version of the game is out now. Time to check out what this game offers.

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Why I hate IPod???

I wonder why so many people go GA-GA over IPods. It’s nothing more than an audio player with some good extensions. “It comes with a huge hard-disk space and supports many different audio formats, and blah-blah-blah…..” is what the IPod users have to say about it.

If one really wants to listen to good music, why can’t he/she use his PC or home-theater system? Whenever I ask this question to people, they come up with the same lame excuse – “I travel a lot. I don’t have time, or the patience to sit at home and listen to music all day long!!!!”.

Consider the life-style of a typical teenager. He/she might spend a max of 1.5 to 2 hours per day to travel between home and office. Even I spend about 2 hours per day to travel between home and office. I have chosen other better alternatives to IPod. I normally use MP3 players, or better still, my mobile itself. If I use my mobile or a tiny MP3 player, I don’t need to carry a pouch, which I had to use if I was using an IPod. This would definitely relieve me from some serious extra baggage J Moreover I can listen to a max of 20 songs in that time. Even a normal MP3 player has a hard disk space of 2 to 4 GB nowadays. And 2GB cards are common with almost the music-edition phones nowadays. Moreover these MP3 players are a lot cheaper than the IPods. Even a 4GB IPod Nano costs around 7k!!!

I’ll never ever buy an IPod in my life. Now a new version of IPod is out – Ipod Video, which can play video files. Honestly, who would like to play movies on such a small device. I would rather prefer to watch them on my PC or TV.

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