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It’s high-time people started using the technology to their full potential. Let me start with the mobile. If you think mobiles are just to make and receive calls, and occasionally send a few SMS, you are absolutely wrong.

I got a Nokia N73 recently. It’s a damn good phone with so many features, that makes it look like a tiny PC. The music player is real good and is a good substitute for Ipod. The loudness i.e., the speaker quality of this phone is awesome. Another interesting think about this phone is that the current day’s calendar entries are shown in the welcome screen. This keeps me reminding about my current day’s plans, whenever I use the phone.

I find the 3.2 MP camera extremely useful. Although the Carl-Zeiss optics don’t do much justice to the camera, they are a valuable addition. Picture quality is really good, and pictures are amazingly very bright even though taken during night time. The integrated Yahoo search saves time when browsing. The PDF viewer and Quick Office are a real handy addition. I now carry all my personal documents with me, and I can access them on-the-fly, without any need to go to a nearby PC. The blogging software is nothing much to talk about. People usually use blogger to blog and not many people blog on Nokia’s blog.

Overall, this is a good phone with a lot of features, and really worth the cost.


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