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Please retire

I really wish that the seniors in the Indian team retire. Yes I’m talking about the big three. Sachin, Saurav and Dravid don’t have much in them to offer anything now. One would argue that Sachin is in great touch now and looks to be in sublime form. Agreed. But what about the future of the Indian cricket?

When will the other members get a chance? When will Rohit Sharma be able to show what he’s capable of? When can Gambhir really prove to the world that he’s another Saurav in the making? When will people start to accept that Uthappa is probably a much more dangerous player than what Sehwag was? All this is possible only when they are given a chance.

All these players proved their might in the Twenty-20 cup. It’s true that Twenty-20 is altogether a different ball game, and batting in fifty overs is completely different. But the fact is that the big three can’t carry on like this, without contributing much. Sachin looks to be in great form today, and I believe that the Indian team should use his services for now. But it’s high time that India look upto Gambhir as a substitute for Ganguly, and Rohit Sharma or Robin Uthappa as a substitute for Dravid.

There’s a vacancy in the Indian team for a good spinner. I hope that Piyush Chawla takes up this place. Harbhajan looks as though he’s in another world just now, and Ramesh Powar seems to be getting fatter by the day. Chawla should be given more opportunities. This lad can be a really good all-rounder, if used properly.


11/10/2007 - Posted by | Cricket

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