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Too much hype about Twenty-20 win

I came home late yesterday evening and switched on the TV. Almost all the news channels were showing the Indian team’s procession in Mumbai. What the heck is wrong with the media? Our hockey team deserves such celebration too. After all they too are doing our country proud. Aren’t they? Then why such discrimination?

It’s time for people to show interest in other sports like hockey and football. These players deserve the kind of recognition the cricket players get. I got to know from the news that there was a traffic jam in the city just because of the procession. Even old people were down on the streets dancing like five-year old kids. Phew!!!! The heights people go to…..

Credit should be given where it is due. Of course the Indian team has done a real good job till now. The real test awaits this weekend when the Aussies come to India. Let’s see if this team can take advantage of the momentum they have with them. Something tells me that this is not going to happen. Anyway let’s wait and see.


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Hello world!

Such a long wait….Had to wait for such a long time to start my first post…..Will be posting more regularly from now on…..

over & out….

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